WindWorks Jelsa

In 2020, WindWorks Jelsa was established by NorSea, Suldal municipality and Ryfylke IKS, with Norsk Stein as partner. The purpose of our company is to explore the possibility of establishing a groundbreaking industrial plant at Jelsa in Suldal.

A new industrial adventure in the making

Our ambition is to transform today's quarry at Jelsa into a large scale, low carbon footprint site for building and assembling floating wind turbines. A significant contribution to the development of a Norwegian offshore wind industry.

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We aim to support the growing floating offshore wind industry. By lowering emissions and costs from the building of wind turbine generators. And basing it on 60 years of expertise from
the Norwegian offshore industry.


Contact us

Toralf Ekrheim

Project Manager
+47 901 12 353

Geir Ims

Chairman of the board
+47 913 29 657

Tore Svanes

Communications Manager
+47 988 24 858

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